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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Conclusion Of My 2013

Assalamualaikum. Heyyy!

After a long time and yeahhh I'm back. In a blink of eyes, It's already 365 out of 365. So, how's my 2013?
I give 5 stars out of 10. Hmm. Full of memories, laughs, smiles, jokes, achievements and experiences. But, the saddest and most painful part is I cried a lot (and I'm still crying while writing this post).

Highlight of 2013 :

#1 ~ Fashion college (January-May)
The place where I learned how to draw, sew and things about fashion design. I met new friends from different ages and guess what, I'm the youngest heee.

#2 ~ Kedah Matriculation College ( May-December )
Where to begin and how? Hmm. I met Niesa, Teeya, Mida, Farisha, Classmates of K2S2P3 and others. To be honest, actually it is hard to find true friends in college. Hmm. Why I chose to quit from Matriculation Programme? Sebab tak minat Science dah? Rasa macam belajar selama ni tanpa jiwa. Struggle and succeed but with no soul. Yes, ramai yang cakap rugi, aku bodoh & etc but in the first place, who is going to face it? Me or you? Even masa jumpa kaunselor dia cakap "Jiwa kamu bukan di bidang ni" Yes! I don't want to be an engineer or anything which related to Science. Stop saying "Hang pandai tapi kenapa pilih arts". 

Words from my ex-classmate 5SN2, a top student of my school and top 50 best student in Malaysia (2012). It doesn't mean if you don't aspire to be one of them, you can't be a successful person. Orang maybe cakap alahh arts apa sangat. But pernah terfikir, kalau tak ada arts, mungkin sampai sekarang benda yang dicipta berbentuk geometri? Sit back and think! 

#3 ~ Nothing last forever?
Hmm. Yes. We are going to lose everything we have, if it isn't now, maybe sooner or later.
I lost you. The one who always listens to my nonsense and immature stories. One of my idols in my studies. I can't do anything cos your love has faded away. I don't know where it went wrong and if it was my fault, I'm sorry. I can't deny that it hurts to know that you are okay without me. To be honest, I love you and I still care. I'm glad I got to know you, I hope you know that. And this song tells everything what I feel right now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3bFOT1e-AU (even though i know you are not going to read this post) 
Hmm. I lost many people in my life. And one day, people around me will lose me too. If the day comes, I hope they know that I love them from the bottom of my heart.

#4 ~ New place
Goodbye Kedah. Going to stay in Petaling Jaya. Yes, I will miss my hometown. Hmm

#5 ~ Nineteen
I'm turning 19 and nothing special about it. Yet, I'm going to celebrate my birthday alone like previous years.

#6 ~ A boutique?
InsyaAllah. Maybe next year. I'm working for it!

Conclusion : Alhamdulillah...

GOODBYE 2013  :)

| The End |

"Every end is a new beginning"

Hugs and kisses,
- Bunga -     

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